Engin Kagıt started producing notebooks in 1976. Then, considering the expectations of the market and the demands of our customers, it expanded to include the manufacture of cash register rolls, calculator, fax, and telex rolls and continuous forms using high quality imported machinery. Most of our products are manufactured from imported thermal-autocopy, actioncopy, and high-grade paper pulp.

Engin Kagıt, a leader in the paper product sector supplies 60- 70 % of its printed and non-printed paper rolls to banks and gross markets. A portion of its products are exported to foreign wholesale markets. Engin Kagit gives the highest importance to customer satisfaction without concessions through its committment to immediate delivery to wholesalers, stationaries and other firms by its own service vehicles or through its licensed retailer network and cargo firms throughout Turkey and abroad. .

Engin Kagıt received Turkish Standards Institution and Certificate for registration of trademark, which are ENGIN- KADEN - ROYALFAKS - ROYALFORM - UFUK. The staff at Engin Kagit monitors new developments and changing world standards in the paper product industry. These innovations are incorporated into its own production and distribution systems.

Through the committed work of the sales and marketing department, high quality production,extensive distribution network and the trust and loyalty our customers Engin Kagit is one of the leaders in the paper product industry in Turkey.